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Drake’s New World Record: 50 Billion Streams

FYI clock icon Aug 10, 2018

The total number of streams is hard to independently verify but his track record, a decade of consistently releasing hit material and his undeniable success on the Apple Music and Spotify platforms has made headlines, and made him a very wealthy young man.




Media Beat: August 09, 2018


Big CDF payday from Stingray acquisition of NL Capital broadcast assets, Quebecor income flat, new study finds Canadians unwilling to pay for news, La Presse is haemorrhaging cash, Saudi media attacks Canada’s human-rights record, and a case study of how to go broke while earning millions.



Pheromone Recordings' latest act, Altameda

Pheromone Signs Edmonton’s Altameda


The Edmonton roots-rock quartet earned almost unanimous praise with its earlier debut album release, Dirty Rain and has now signed to Kim Cooke’s boutique roster label that has Cadence/UMC backing it for marketing and distribution.




Ghost Man at the Player Piano

FYI clock icon Aug 10, 2018

Delroy Figgins praised Art Tatum as being the only true pianist on the planet who explored every inch of the instrument, even the splintered grooves in the wood frame, charred cigarette holes, down to the pedals near the floor. Figgins said when Tatum played the piano he seduced every inch of its ebony flesh. Both men played a signature version of ‘Tenderly’ preserved on piano rolls.




Five Questions With… Tribe Royal


The Ottawa roots rockers travelled to the musical mecca of Muscle Shoals to record their new album. In this interview, they reflect upon that memorable experience, their origins as a band, and an infamous Halifax Air BnB.



Brett Kissel will play The MMVAs

Music News Digest, Aug. 10, 2018

FYI clock icon Aug 10, 2018

Brett Kissel (pictured) is amongst those performers added to the MMVAs, Ford signs up for the CCMAs, and Hawksley Workman adopts vinyl. Also in the news are the Slaight Music Residency, Jimmy Rankin, Matt Holubowski, Tweed, Prince, ShoShona Kish, Casa Amadeo, Goin’ Steady DJs, Son of Dave, and a farewell to Swiff LaRoc. Videos added for your enjoyment.




Music Biz Headlines, Aug. 10, 2018

FYI clock icon Aug 10, 2018

A possible resurgence for the compact disc, science tackles Lennon-McCartney songs, and Joe Elliott strolls down memory lane. Also in the headlines are QOTSA, Brady Bunch, Veld fest, Ludacris, Goldilox, gender equality, Lebanon fests, Brian’s Record option, Jon Lovitz, X Avant, and Bear Witness.



Jackson Browne promo shot — photo credit: J.B. Facebook



FYI Schedule of Upcoming Releases, Aug. 10, 2018

FYI clock icon Aug 10, 2018

Notables with new releases coming out today include Nicki Minaj, Il Divo, and The Proclaimers, with reissues coming from Elvis Presley and The Gladiators. Canadians include Diemonds, Foxtrott, and K-Man & The 45’s.



Marla & David Celia: Heart Like A Dove 

The personal and musical chemistry of the two singer/songwriters, one Canadian, one German, shines through on this charming cut, the first single from the duo’s debut album. It features sweet harmonies and heartfelt lyrics and is accompanied by an equally appealing video.

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